Cameron Robb

i'm cameron.

It’s hard to get a feel for someone’s personality through a webpage, but hopefully this gives you insight into a, albeit small, but rather influential part of my life as a creative individual.

I dislike using the phrase 'jack of all trades' but it seems rather appropriate when describing my affinity for all things design. I drank the cool-aide at a rather young age, starting off with a love for fashion design that grew into an interest in bringing ideas to life by putting pen to paper. Painting, mixed media projects, graphic illustrations and photography followed closely, with a keen interest in seeing the world through a new and ever-changing perspective. Influenced by my artistic familial upbringing, I learned that creativity can and should be implemented in our every day lives; as an artist I enjoy testing these limits with every new project I take on.

I hold a Bachelors in Science from the CIDA accredited Interior Architecture and Design Program from Florida State University. As a designer I'm inventive, curious and ambitious; always looking for new ways to explore the boundaries of the design world. I believe the story of our surroundings and the character of the design depend on those creating it. Not everyone is a tastemaker or storyteller, but I believe both are pivotal factors in creating unique, informative and memorable experiences.

To simply put it, I want to be an inventor of noteworthy moments in all that I create.