The City of "Game of thrones was Filmed here"

The most adventurous trip I took was to Split, Croatia. After a 12-hour bus ride, and hectic check-in we quickly hopped on our boat tour and jetted off to the nearby islands. Off the beaten path, the small towns on these islands exuded more history and passion than I’d ever seen. This led to my friend and myself, to participate in more hands on activities, that way we could get up close and personal with the beauty of Split. We kayaked in the Adriatic Sea, while the tour guide gave us short history lessons of our surroundings. We swam in a freezing cold waterfall, learned how to debone a cooked fish, drank champagne on the rocky beaches, and wondered the seaside streets at night, as if we were locals. Together, we ventured outside of our tourist comfort zones, and explored the true wonders a city has to offer.