Broad City

I've been lucky enough to have been exposed to an artistic culture at a young age due to my artistic parents. I've explored many a museums, galleries, what have you and I've been able to pick the minds of artists and creators whose opinions I value deeply.

Moving to Los Angeles fresh out of design school (packed up my things and moved 3,000 miles, two weeks after graduation fresh), I was ready to begin a new chapter in this iconic city. So many activities, places to go, food to eat, overwhelmed was and understatement. The art began to call my name, and to the museums I went.

The Broad was on the shortlist. Having grasped the free, but not easy to get tickets (well not easy at the time) I was able to see a magnificent private collection that got my creative juices flowing. 

I began to find my footing in a cultural shock of endless imagination.