Cameron Robb


Over my years as a design student I have learned not only a great deal of professional skills, but I have also learned a great deal about myself as a designer. Gaining many strengths, my ability to create conceptually and clearly has only grown with my desire to make a difference through design.

I believe in the challenge of design, and the passion it offers through the execution of unique and creative ideas. In order to display such ardent concepts, I believe in the power of sustainable design and giving back to not only clients, but also the environment we live in. Bringing forth a level of consciousness to design, sustainability can lead the community to living a healthier lifestyle that gives back more than it takes.

As a designer I believe in the story of a space. The character of a design depends on those creating it, and I value the strength of innovative ideas that bring about an informative experience. By bringing self-awareness to a project, one act can command purposefulness in design.