Cameron Robb


Creativity is not just something I strive for in my day to day work life. It's something that I live and breathe. Design, art, graphics, illustrations, fashion, travel, photography - these are all skills/hobbies that I love and continually grow with. As cheesy as it may sound, I'm on a never ending journey of exploration, and with that comes a sense of enjoyment in testing my limits as a creative individual by whatever means necessary.

I hold a Bachelors in Science from the Interior Architecture and Design Program from Florida State University. As a student, I found that I full heartedly believed in the story of a space. As a working designer, I found that the character of design depends on those creating it. Innovative ideas bring about an informative experience, and creativity invents memorable moments. To simply put it, I want to be an inventor of noteworthy moments in all that I create.

I work hard, dream big, oh and I love pugs (yes, as in the dog breed).